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"HUSH Unleashed" Bugle Tube


The Unleashed Bugle Tube is here and ready to rip. This is a custom collaboration between Phelps Game Calls, First Lite and Hush. These custom tubes feature the Hush Fireball logo on either the Fusion or Cipher pattern. 

If you need some AMP diaphragm elk calls or external cow calls you can visit 

One Color Option - 

First Lite Fusion Cover (Bottom Photo): Features the “Phelps Game Calls” screen printed on one side of the tube and the Hush Fireball Logo on the other side. 


-Large corrugations in the chamber provide great resonance.
-Corrugations provide structure to the tube
-1.25″ flared mouth opening for comfort and usability.
-Over-Cupped Exhaust Bell for backpressure and resistance making it easier to use ALL diaphragms.
-Thick walls for extreme volume and NO plastic sound.