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2017 Colorado SEMI-LIVE Series Starts Now | Day 1

Posted by Brian McElrea on
2017 Colorado SEMI-LIVE Series Starts Now | Day 1

Back in 2014 we started a series that we coined "semi-live" because we will go out hunting and then come back to the cabin to dump the footage, edit everything from that day and get it uploaded on You Tube the following day for all of you to watch. 

It isn't "live" but the closest thing to it which would make it "semi-live". Over the year this has become one of our favorite hunts. We are chasing mule deer in Colorado with our Weatherby rifles.

Here is the video as we get this hunt started....Day 1

If you are new to the #hushlife, here are the last two year's series that you can catch up on. 




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  • CHarlie lOng on

    Like your videos,can,t find day8 and beyond on semi live 2017 Colorado .?

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