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HUSH Signature Amp Diaphragm


These are the new Hush Signature Series AMP Diaphragm elk calls by Phelps Game Calls. 


Straight 7 - This black tape with light orange latex call takes very little air to blow. Capable of locator bugles, delicate cow & calf calls, and everything in between. 

DecibullThis orange tape with heavy black latex call is for the "hard-charging" callers. Capable of big bugles, mature cow calls, and many in between.  

(NEW) Satellite - This black tape with light yellow latex is the next step up from our "Straight 7" Diaphragm. Folks who don't like to over blow their calls, but want something with a little more backbone than the "Straight 7" will love this call. The yellow latex is between thin and medium latex, stretched tight so you can put a little more air across it. This call is capable of every elk vocalization from calf calls to mature bugles. 

(NEW) Shooter - This yellow tape with medium clear latex call stands right in the middle of our lineup. The latex is medium thickness and stretch, allowing for very versatile calling for callers who blow their calls at a medium pressure. Soon to be a fan favorite, you can get quiet calf sounds or big aggressive bugles, this call does it all.