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Posted by Eric Chesser on

On this weeks #HUSHLIFE Vlog we meet up with Jeremy from Hoyt Archery and go shoot our bows at what has to be the coolest archery facility in the country, the Easton Archery Center. Luckily for us, it's right here in our backyard and we were pumped to get an invite to shoot and practice here. After we get dialed in we head to the mountain which would lead us to the main talking topic on the video. Why do people steal and is it ok to tamper with other people people's belongings while they are on public land. Watch the video until the end and please leave us a comment about your thoughts, thanks guys!


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  • noah blake on

    This is horrible man these people should not touch your cameras just leave them alone im so mad watching this !!!

  • Dawson on

    It’s way low to steal a trail cam let alone even tamper with one. We are all hunters just trying to do the same thing, harvest a good and mature animal and live a happy life and I don’t understand why somebody has to try and screw up somebody else’s plan on accomplishing the same goal that they are too. You guys are awesome and it’s probably just somebody that’s jealous of what you guys are and what you have become

  • Andrew on

    Will my friend and I have had multiple cameras stolen one tampered with. My good friend Brian is really good at cutting steel and Welding so we make custom lock boxes that actually bolt into the tree.
    We have used manufacturer troll boxes that we had someone picked the lock still the camera and lock the lock box backup.
    And we’ve had to treestands stolen.
    I think this is the law of the low of the low of hunters in one area I do believe it was an anti hunter that took the camera.
    I also had another Hunter use my ground blind as his personal bar leaving bourbon bottles left for me to pick up.
    I believe if these kind of things continue it will hurt our industry.
    I do think we should be allowed to use cameras I currently have 5 out right now on public Lands.
    I think we all need to respect each other if you see a camera walk around it or wav at it or give the guy a thumbs-up let’s support each other guys

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