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Posted by Eric Chesser on

We were very fortunate and grateful to meet Driggs and his family this past week. Driggs had a very rare form of eye cancer called retnoblaroma and had to have his left eye removed almost 2 years ago. They would pass the time in the hospital watching our videos. Now 5 years old he is healthy, happy and living the #hushlife. His dad reached out and asked if we could sign a hat for him if he ordered one. We figured we could do a little better than that. We have built HUSH on three important principles. Conservation, new hunter acquisition and giving back. Everything we do is because of how passionate we are about those three principles. We want to thank everyone that has ever supported us over the years including our sponsors. You are all the reasons we are able to do what we do.

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  • Lucas Clark on

    Drew had his left eye removed, that sucks. That is awesome that they came visit. I hope he can kill a monster as long as he stays patient enough.

  • Andy Espinoza on

    You guys are awesome! My son Drew loves watching your videos. He also loves watching the fire bull video. He tells me every time he watches it that he going to get a monster bull like that when he starts hunting. Keep up the good work.

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