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Posted by Brian McElrea on

We are total amateurs when it comes to hunting any kind of waterfowl species but the more we're out there experiencing it the more we are really liking it.

hushin waterfowl hunting 

Like anything, when you are new at it things can get overwhelming at the thought of trying to learn a new skill set like how to correctly call geese or ducks with a call. This is our second day of blowing a goose call so you can see our skill level is very basic. 

It is going to be really fun practicing and seeing signs of improvement as we get more time out in the field or in a lay-out blind. 

Let us know if you'd like to see more waterfowl hunting...we are having a great time trying something new. 

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  • Randy on

    You guys really need a waterfowl mentor.

  • Dan on

    You guys should try using that pivot to break up your hide if it’s on your property.

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