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Posted by Eric Chesser on

I've been fascinated with antlers since I was a young kid. Seeing my dad's first buck hanging on the wall of my grandmas house I asked my dad "can I have them?". Since that day I have kept that rack close to me and it means more than any other set of antlers I have. I'd have my dad take me to the top of the canyon and drop me off and meet him at the bottom in hopes to find at least one shed. I still get the same excitement today as I did back then. I can't imagine a spring going by without at least getting out and shed hunting a few times. Here's a fun overnight trip from this past spring time, I hope you enjoy it...

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  • Stephen on

    Just found your channel and love y’alls enthusiasm for the outdoors! Wish I were gonna still be in Utah this spring to shed hunt but it’s off to Oregon for me!

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