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Posted by Brian McElrea on

Here in Utah drawing a Limited Entry Elk tag is, for most people, a once in a lifetime opportunity. After years and years of applying for a tag my dad asked me to stop putting him in for elk because it costs him $10 each year for the application fee, draw or no draw. I couldn't believe it "dad are you serious?" I asked him. "Yeah" 


You see, my dad grew up in a small town in Southern Utah where hunting season meant one thing...filling the freezer. He grew up eating deer and rabbits that he'd hunt only 20 minutes from town and he loves wild game meat. He didn't want to pay the $10 each year because he could just buy an over-the-counter spike tag or draw a cow elk tag. For him it was all about the meat. It still is and if we harvest I can promise you this...none of it will be wasted. I offered to take care of the application fees until he drew his tag. I decided to put him in for the muzzleloader hunt which increased his odds with the amount of points he had. Well, he drew out this year and iI can't wait to get out there and hunt bull elk in the rut. This is going to be a great adventure full of family and friends, good times and the great outdoors. In this video my brother and I head south to set a few trail camera so join us as the hunt for dads elk starts NOW!

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