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Posted by Brian McElrea on

During this Holiday Season we wanted to take a minute to simply thank all of you who have supported HUSH over the years. We will occasionally ask you for some help when we are trying to raise money for charities or people in need and the response we've gotten is simply AMAZING. 

Recently we wanted to raise money for an organization called Sheds For Santa which we've helped out in year's past. 

We started it out by auctioning off a replica set up the firebull bull antlers that several people and businesses bid on. In the end, Mtn. Ops won this auction with a bid of $4,000.00. 100% of this money will be used towards the 3 pillars of HUSH donated equally into thirds. 

  • Giving Back - Sheds For Santa was chosen this year to receive 1/3 of this money 
  • Conservation - we will select a conservation organization to donate 1/3 of this money towards
  • New Hunter Acquisition - we will use the last 1/3 of the money to take someone hunting that has never been before 

From here, we announced that we would match dollar-for-dollar any donations made to Sheds For Santa up to $3,000.00 prior to us heading to help shop for these families on 12.16.17.

In total, with the help from so many of you all we were able to donate $4,400.00 to Sheds For Santa. You can check out the video below to get a better idea of how this organization operates and why we love helping them every year. 

You can watch the video from 2016 as well here: 

From all of us at HUSH, we wanted to extend our deepest and sincerest appreciation. We feel so fortunate for the continual support from all of you as we try and share our passion for everything outdoors and beyond. 

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a wonderful Holiday Season. 

Casey, Eric and Brian 

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  • Shamika Davis on

    Im a mother of 5 a single mother and my babues never had a good Christmas we are sleeping on the floor no t.vs im trying my best to keep a roof over our heads i have no help with my babies 😭😭 it just brake my heart to look at my babies knowing i cant get them anything this year again can you please help me give my babies a good christmas

  • tina huntington on

    god bless u guys i am a grandma raising my Granddaughter and i am in need

  • Lance Peacock on

    You guys are hero’s. Thank you and God bless you

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