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Posted by Eric Chesser on

This year would be the third year in a row we hunted "deer camp" which sits high in the mountains of Northern Utah. Its a public land general season unit but it holds some great bucks. If you're willing to work hard you can get away from the crowds and have yourself a good time. Casey was able to tag out on day two which was the first buck we were able to take in this area. It's not easy hunting as you can see from this video. We have tried it and stalk, tree stands etc. Join us for the second week of the hunt and see some of the great bucks we have had the privilege to hunt. 


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  • Nicholas Moody on

    Awesome show I prolly won’t ever be able to hunt high country but i sure do love seeing it thru y’all lense

  • Caden Goodworth on

    Sure do love watching your videos! I honestly learn so much from you guys when it comes to hunting in the high country! Your my role models when it comes to hunting! Good luck on your hunts this year!

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