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Posted by Eric Chesser on

It's January now and most all of the wester states big game hunts have ended, but not Arizona! Our good friend Ben Sandall who is a resident of Flagstaff, AZ invited us down to hunt the over-the-counter archery deer hunt. The hunt allows us to shoot one buck of our choice, mule deer or course deer. We will be teaming up with Rob from the LunkersTV YouTube Channel. His channel consists of almost anything outdoors but mainly bass fishing. Now that he's really getting into big game hunting we thought it's be the perfect time for a collaboration. Both channels will be featuring daily videos so make sure to subscribe to LunkersTV and our channel to follow along. 




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  • John Burke on

    Hey guys watch all the post i can do yall ever come up to Pendleton oregon to hunt if yall do i would love to get up with yall and do a bow hunt our just sit around and talk

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