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Posted by Brian McElrea on

There is no secret that we LOVE hunting elk with our bows. Each year seems to get more and more enjoyable as we chase bugles, log miles and learn from each outing we face in the field. 

The sound of a bugling bull elk is likely the most enjoyable part of the hunt. Having an interaction with the animals...the exchange of calls and trying to outwit a mature old bull provides the biggest thrill. 

If you've been following along with us this year, you are well aware that we headed out to Oregon to hunt Roosevelt elk with Born & Raised Outdoors to kick off the season. This was absolutely a highlight of the year as we partnered with them to help create the "Land of The Free" series which is airing now on their You Tube channel. (more details below)

 After we finished up with Oregon it was back to our old stomping grounds. A place full of nostalgia and a place we've grown to love. Casey headed out early to check some trail camera, scout around before everyone else showed up and may even try to punch his tag early! 

This is the first of 3 videos that will lead up to Part II of our collaboration with Born & Raised when we can to return the favor and show them around one of our spots. Their video series of this second hunt will start on November 30th and will be posted daily on their channel at 5:00 pm PST. 

 If you wanted to catch up on our Oregon archery elk series you can check it out here. 

DAY 1 - 

DAY 2 -

DAY 3 - 

DAY 4 -

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  • Jamin on

    Awesome video! I learned something here, thanks.
    Alot of really good advice, and skill, and and super awesome persistence and tracking job.
    I’m impressed. Really impressed that you said a prayer and gave credit to God on helping with the tracking job. That’s the best advice ever in a situation like that…saying a prayer, staying positive, and being Rock solid persistent is one of the surest ways to eat a nice fat juicy elk steak.
    Hey these are the type of guys I would want to hunt with. They respect the value of God in their lives, respect each other, they don’t use foul language, and really put alot skill and knowledge into their hunt.
    Congratulations on your bull! Super awesome!

  • Gary Towsand on

    Thanks for all the great videos. I have been lucky enough to elk hunt 5 times with buddies and that’s what it’s all about and you guys have togetherness that makes fun , I live in upstate New York but spend a lot of time in the West (Arizona and Utah )my daughter lives in Centerville Utah ) I watch your videos to past the snowy nights It makes me want to get the bow out and shot snowman You are lucky guys keep up the good hunts and stay safe. Gary


    Love your guy’s passion for the outdoors and hunting and fishing. Seriously look forward to the videos and things you guys post on a daily basis. For sure coming to see y’all at the hunting expo in February!

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