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2017 Colorado SEMI-LIVE Series | Day 6

Posted by Brian McElrea on
2017 Colorado SEMI-LIVE Series | Day 6

Day 6...the final day of the season for Casey to try and fill his tag.

If you have followed our semi-live series in the past you will soon realize this is all too familiar for Casey. He has taken it down to the last day 3 years in a row and coined the phrase "4th and 10".

This video will take you through the rollercoaster of emotions that we as hunters face each year we head out in the hills.

Bmack had to run back home for a few days so Eric and Casey are working together to make it happen.

Mr. Shedcrazy himself, Ben also had to head home for good after some fun days running around with his looking over rutting mule deer.

Follow along day-to-day as we hunt rutting mule deer during the general season rifle deer hunt.

This series started back in 2014 and quickly became one of our most liked series. If you've never been on a hunt, always dreamed of going out West or even a seasoned hunter we think you'll be able to relate to this series.

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  • Ryan Slagel on

    I was wondering if you guys could do a review or just talk about those Rambo bikes . And maybe talk about how using them is good or bad. Thanks

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